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Range Rover Classic & P38 Products


Viscous unit - Exclusive to Bell Engineering

  • Range Rover Classis and P38 Viscous unit

  • New viscous units for the Range Rover are now unavailable, but at Bell Engineering we can still recondition your own or supply ready recon units

  • Bell Engineering are the only company rebuilding these units.

Free Transmission Diagnostic Vehicle Checks :

Bring your Range Rover to our facility and we will be happy to check the transmission free of charge. We have the knowledge and diagnostic equipment that can quickly check for any transmission faults on the vehicle. 


Alternatively if you suspect your viscous coupling unit (VCU) or Haldex unit is faulty, post it to us and we will test it on our test jig free of charge. If the unit tests OK all you have to pay is the return postage.

To make a transmission diagnostic appointment, simply Contact Us.

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